SK-B Swivel Knife - Performance Essentials

Featuring our latest addition to the Performance Essentials line of products... the Leather Wranglers SK-B (Brass) Swivel Knife

We’ve taken the swivel knife and streamlined it to pass the savings on to you. There is no compromise on performance here!

  • The SK-B comes with a traditional style ball-bearing flat yoke
  • The barrels are 1/2" and 3/8” and are made from solid brass to the exact dimensions as the very popular SK-3; they are also twice as heavy
  • The SK-B blades are made of the same, sharp alloy that you have come to expect in all our swivel knives – and are interchangeable with our other SKs

The price of our new SK-B Swivel Knife is $110 USD – complete with traditional style flat yoke and your choice of barrel diameter and blade. 

Thank you very much for your interest and support of Leather Wranglers products.

SK-B Swivel Knife - Performance Essentials
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Price $110.00

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