Awl of Spades

The “Awl of Spades” is another innovative original Leather Wranglers design. Its unique features include tool-less blade change and a comfortable, contoured shape that makes for easy work during those long hand-stitching sessions. It can also be used as a pegging awl as well as a scribe or scratch awl. Click here to see a demo of our Awl of Spades.

The “Awl of Spades” comes complete with 2 Osborne awl blades and 1 scribe tip, which can double as a pegging awl. There are 5 sizes of awl blades to choose your 2 favorite lengths from. These blades come sharpened and polished, and ready to go.

The standard models come in 2 shapes: King (similar to red awl) and Queen (similar to the blue awl), and with your choice of 2 sharpened awl blades and 1 scribe blade. There are 5 sizes of awl blades to choose from. 

Dyed and Stabilized Maples: Red - Blue - Green - Black - Yellow

Stabillized Natural:  Pear - Walnut - Maple

Price $195

Other stabilized exotic wood upgrades (such as Spalted Tamarind, Buckeye Burl, Maple Burl, Redwood Burl, Purple Heart, Bloodwood, Sabah Ebony, and Ziricote) start at $240. Please contact us for current stock availability. If you have a design unique to you that will make your job easier, please give me a call and we’ll see about making the perfect one that will work for you.

*Please note that each haft is hand-turned and dyed individually, colors and shape may vary slightly from what you see on your display. 

Turnaround time 3-4 weeks.

Awl of Spades with tool-less blade change haft made from durable Pear wood, Maple, Walnut, and other custom woods.
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Price $195.00

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