LW Whacker

The Leather Wranglers “Whacker” is a modernized version of the "whacky stick" or square maul, which was our striking tool of choice about 40 years ago. A round Whacker is also available. 

Our LW Whackers comes in your choice of two shapes (square or round) and three basic weight ranges, light ("Minnie"), medium ("Tappy"), or heavy ("Daddy"). The head is made of virtually indestructible polyurethane (rated at Shore D70 and Shore D50 hardness), which provides a quieter, solid “grip” on the tool head with little to no bounce, making it ideal for tooling leather.

The shapely handle comes standard with four wood options, and fits comfortably in your hand for a secure grip. They are smartly decorated with a LW coin in the head, and an acorn nut with brass washer at the base of the handle.

This combination of head and handle makes for a very comfortable, elegant, and durable maul that you will enjoy using for many years to come.

Minnie (13-15 oz.) $90

Tappy (18-21 oz.) $95

Daddy (24-25 oz.) $100

Normal turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

We are also doing a custom line with exotic and stabilized woods, starting at $135. For a specific weight outside of listed weight ranges, or other customizations and questions, please contact us at pabloz@leatherwranglers.com or (505) 269-8563.

Whacker, Maul, Maplewood, Cherry, Walnut, Pear Wood
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