LW Draw Gauge Blade

Our Leather Wranglers Draw Gauge Blades fits and works well in virtually every draw gauge available in the market today. It will give you a definite improvement in performance over a standard draw gauge blade – plus, you get the added benefit of it fitting perfectly on a Murphy handle.

Ground thin with a flat grind, they are a 2” blade with an 4” overall length, so that you have a little bit of “handle” for sharpening. Since I grind them at 5/8” wide they can be tipped backward in the draw gauge bar to help keep the leather from rising during the cut. We can also custom grind them with a right or a left hand bias to help accommodate for wear of the bar and handle of your draw gauge.

Each one of our knives is handcrafted using Crucible’s CPM 20CV, an exotic high-performance stainless steel vanadium alloy, heat-treated with a triple-temper and cryo to 58-59 Rc. This high-performance flagship alloy was designed to give you a durable, razor-sharp edge that is easily maintained with regular stropping.

$45.00 ea.

SK-3 Swivel Knife blades
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Price $45.00

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