EZE-LAP 8"x2" Extra Fine Diamond Benchstone

Keeping your SK-3 and other edged leather tools sharp is an extremely important facet of leather crafting that adds to its pleasure and enjoyment. We have selected this product for its quality and value. Please check out our Tips and Tricks area for sharpening and stropping instructions.

EZE-LAP's Diamond Benchstones are designed for expert knife and tool care. All EZE-LAP Diamond Benchstones feature a full edge-to-edge diamond grit surface for quicker, more efficient sharpening. They are available in extra fine (1200) grit.

EZE-LAP's Diamond Benchstones feature 1/4" thick solid steel plate construction that are coated with diamond abrasive on all upside exposed surfaces. They also come with durable, rubber feet attached, that provide a skid resistant feature when using them on your bench.

EZE-LAP 71SF Diamond Sharpener
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