White/Translucent Arkansas Bench Stone

The White/Translucent Arkansas bench stones are 100% natural and are the rarest and hardest of the Arkansas stones. Used for final polishing stage, they are one of the finest grade of natural stones available that will give you a deep polish with a supremely smooth edge. This is an excellent finishing stone to be used after the DMT 8000-grit stone. Available in 8 x 2 x 1/2 inches, each comes with its own customized wooden box with a custom fitted non-slip silicon pad for storage and protection.

No messy oils needed - use with soapy water as a coolant for a beautiful finish on the bevels. A great intermediate step is rubbing a small diamond hone (such as the 21SF) on the surface to raise a little slurry. This helps erase the scratches left behind by the 8000-grit DMT and will give you a nice hazy finish on the bevels. Then to get the ultimate mirror finish, simply wipe off the slurry and use with just soapy water.

White/Translucent Arkansas Bench Stone
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