Quality, high-performance tools - Made especially with the serious leather artisan in mind.

Awl of Spades

Awl of Spades with tool-less blade change haft made from durable Pear wood, Maple, Walnut, and other custom woods.

The “Awl of Spades” is another innovative original Leather Wranglers design. Its unique features include tool-less blade change and a comfortable, contoured shape that makes for easy work during those long hand-stitching sessions. It...

Awl Blades

Stitching Awl Blades

These Osborne awl blades are polished, sharpened and ready to go. There are 5 sizes to choose from in addition to a scribe/pegging awl. Blade sizes are measured end-to-end. Click here to see a demo of our Awl of Spades. If you have a special...

LW Whacker

Whacker, Maul, Maplewood, Cherry, Walnut, Pear Wood

The Leather Wranglers “Whacker” is a modernized version of the "whacky stick" or square maul, which was our striking tool of choice about 40 years ago. A round Whacker is also available. Our LW Whackers comes in your choice of two...